Assistant Engineer (Civil) Syllabus PDF Download

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Assistant Engineer (Civil) Syllabus PDF Download


  1. Assistant Engineer (Civil) (B-17) in the Local Government & Rural Development
  2. Assistant Engineer (Civil) (B-17) in the Local Council’s Service Wing, Local Government
    & Rural Development Department.
  3. Sub Divisional Officer/A.D. (Civil) (B-17) in the Communication & Works Department.

Building Materials and Constructions
Engineering Materials, Building Construction, Functional Planning of building

Design of Structures
Design of RC Structures, Design of Steel Structures

Engineering Mechanics
Static, Dynamic, Kinetics

Strength of Materials
Simple Stress and strain, Shear force and bending moment, Deflection of beams,
Theories of column and struts, Thin and thick cylinders

Structural Analysis
Analysis of determinate structures, Analysis of indeterminate skeletal frames, Plastic
analysis of indeterminate beams and simple frames, Moving loads-shearing force and
bending moment diagrams

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Engineering
Dynamics of fluid flow, Viscous flow, Incompressible flow through pipes, Compressible
flow, Open channel flow

Water Resources Engineering:
Hydrology, Ground water flow, Planning of water resources

Sanitation and Water Supply (Environmental Engineering):
Sanitation, Disposal of sanitary sewage, Sewer treatment, Environmental pollution
and ecology, Water Supply, Intake of water, Water storage and distribution

Hydraulic Machines and Hydropower
Hydraulic pumps, Reciprocating pumps, Hydraulic turbines, Principles of hydropower

Irrigation Engineering
Water requirement for crops, Distribution system for canal irrigation, Design of canals, Canal
structures, Water logging, Diversion headwork’s, Storage works, Spillways, River training

Surveying, Estimation & Costing
Surveying, Estimating and costing

Transportation Engineering
Airports, Harbors, Railways, Roads, Traffic engineering, tunneling

Construction Planning & Management
Earthwork equipment’s, Concreting equipment’s, Planning & Management, Network Analysis

Design of Masonry Structures
Material, Types of structures, Types of stone masonry

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