Write and essay on any one of the following topics (at least 500 words):
1) Islamic belief of Resurrection and its impacts on the life of a Muslim.
2) The horrors of lying.
3) Role of micro finance banking in poverty alleviation.

Make a précis of the following passage in about one third and suggest a suitable title.
Practically, all the progress that man has made is due to the fact that he is mortal. He has recognized that he is in this world only for a little while, and this knowledge has been good to stimulate him to make a diligent use of whatever talents he is endowed with. The secrets of nature have been wrestled from her grudging fingers by men who, knowing they are mortal, have sought to comprehend the mysteries of the world around them in the hope that knowledge might enable them, if not to circumvent death, at least to ameliorate the aspirants of life for themselves and other.

All the instincts and emotions are reinforced by death. If we were not mortal, the paternal and maternal instincts would not dominate our lives so strongly as they do. If we know that we should never die, we should have no desire for children to perpetuate our names and carry on the succession of the race.

Thus, ultimately we should arrive at a world without a child; and a world without a child would be a place in which there was no call for some of the most beautiful emotions to which the human soul can give expressions. And death lends a peculiar sanctity to human love. A man may love his books, but the love he bears his wife, his children or his friends, is something deeper and more sublime; it is the love intensified and purified by the thought that human life is finite thing, which may at any moment be touched by the fingers of death.

Use the following pairs of words in sentences demonstrating differences in their meaning.
1- Ingenious, Ingenuous
2- Kneed, need
3- Ballot, Ballet
4- Raze, Raise
5- Demean, Demesne

Use the following words in your sentences to illustrate their meaning.
1) A curtain lecture
2) To kick the bucket
3) Iron out
4) To rest on one’s laurels
5) Wax and wane

Correct the following sentences.
1) To be honest, lies must never be told.
2) Poetry is more sensual than prose.
3) The lake freezed rapidly.
4) Fresh flowers smell sweetly.
5) He had not ought to have spoken
6) The first fleet of cars were made of copper.
7) I don’t remember him giving me present.

a) Name an English word of more than 3 letters that both begins and ends with the letters “he” in that order.

b) Name a five letter word which has three consonants all the same and two different vowels. Every now and then you see this while running a window on your PC.

c) Rearrange the letters in “OWONDER” to make one word.

d) Make a 4 letters words from the letters “E A M N” using all the letters in each word.

a) Who wrote Loyal Mohammedans of India?
b) Who was the founder of Arya Samaj?
c) Who was the Chairman of Boundary commission?
d) Name the National Animal of Pakistan?
e) What is the total water Area of Pakistan?
f) In which tropic zone Pakistan is located?
g) What is the average elevation of Balochistan Plateau?
h) What is the height of Takht-e- Suleiman?
i) In which agreement the cease fire Line was named as line of control?
j) Who was the first Governor of State bank of Pakistan?
To be continued……………………

Write down the famous fourteen points of Quid-e-Azam given in reply to the Nehru Report for the constitutional Reforms?

a) Write down the flora and fauna of Pakistan?

b) Identify the following:
1) Minto park
3) General Tikka khan
4) Mohammad Ali Bogra
5) Wahdat ul shahud

Fill in the blanks with suitable answers.
1) The president of first constitutional assembly was————
2) First battle of the freedom of Kashmir was fought in the year——
3) Ayub khan became the president of Pakistan on —————
4) The second highest peak k2 is also called———-
5) The article 90 and clause 3 of the constitution 1973 refers to——–
6) The 16th amendment of 1973 constitution relates to————-
7) 2nd and 3rd Hadood Ordinance were meant to award punishment for ————————–
8) Gas was discovered at Sui in the year———-
9) The zakat and ushr ordinance was promulgated on ————-
10) The line of control was demarcated in the year————
11) The total length of Pakistan common border with India is ———
12) The kalabagh Dam will be constructed on the river———–

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