Famous Dams In Pakistan 2021

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1.Tarbela Dam
Location: Haripur
Impounds: Indus River
Heihgt: 143.26 metres (470.0 ft)
Year of Completion: 1974
2.Rawal Dam
Location: Islamabad Capital Territory
Impounds: Korang River
Heihgt: 40.7 m (133.5 ft)
Year of Completion: 1962
3.Diamer Bhasha Dam
Location: Gilgit Baltistan
Impounds: Indus River
Heihgt: 272 m (892 ft)

4.Mangla Dam
Location: Mirpur District
Impounds: Jhelum River
Heihgt: 138 metres (453 ft)
Year of Completion: 1967
5.Khanpur Dam
Location: Haripur
Impounds: Haro River
Heihgt: 51 metres (167 ft)
Year of Completion: 1985
6.Hub Dam
Location: Malir
Impounds: Hub River
Heihgt: 48 metres (157 ft)
Year of Completion: 1979
7.Mirani Dam
Location: Kech District, Balochistan
Impounds: Dasht River
Heihgt: 127 ft 39 metres
Year of Completion: 2006
8.Warsak Dam
Location: Peshawar
Impounds: Kabul River
Heihgt: 76.2 metres
Year of Completion: 1960
9.Gomal Zam Dam
Location: Kajori kach south waziristan agency KPK
Impounds: Gomal River
Heihgt: 437 ft
Year of Completion: 2011
10.Satpara Dam
Location: Skardu
Impounds: Satpara Stream
Heihgt: 128 ft
Year of Completion: 2011

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