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The Executive Engineer-Roads Provincial B&R Kharan invites bids on iteem Rates from Eligible Bidders for execution of following work: The tender based on composite schedule of rates 2018, G.O.B. amended up-to-date.

Tender Fee Rs.3000, and Bid Security 2% of Estimated Cost

Name of Work

1. Const:/ Cutting of Kharan-Namak Pass Road Dist:- Kharan (TS166137E)PSDP No. 780 (2019-20)

E/Cost: 148.490M

B/Security: 3000000

Procurements shall be made d BPPRA Rules 2014.

Eligibility of Bidders:

(a)The Bidder must submit the Succession/Completion Certificate from the DDOs as per work orders within the Time Limit or Extension Certificate if given, for the Last two Years Construction works showing the reputation of the firm and Experience in building or road works.

(b)Turnover of at least 50 % of the Estimated Cost, in last three years showing financial capacity of the firm.

(c) Registration with FBR (NON , Sales Tax dept.) and registration Balochistan revenue authority having tax clearance certificate for the year 2018-2019& 2019-20.

(d) Registration with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) in category C-4 or Above with relevant code, and having renewed for the years 2019-2020

(e) The Contractor should bring the original documents at the time of bidding.

Method of Procurement: Single Stage-single Envelope Procedure.

Bid Security: The bids must accompany Bid Security in the form of Call Depositof amount of 2% of estimated cost of each work given above, in the name of the under-signed from a scheduled bank.

Tender Documents: The NIT & Bidding Document should be downloaded from http://www.bppra.org.pk. The Engineering Calculations will be check thoroughly; Cutting, Overwriting, and Incomplete BOQs will be considered rejected. Issuance of tender Documents: From the date of publication of Milo 13/11/2019.

Last Date of bid submission: The Bidding Documents duly filled and attached with copies of supporting documents must be complete in all respect otherwise will be rejected, delivered in sealed envelopes by hand or Courier to the address mentioned below on or before 13. Nov 2019 at10:00 AM

Tender opening: All tenders will be opened on 5 Nov. 2019 at 11:00 AM before procurement Committee in the presence of contractors or their authorized representatives/ agents.

Address: (Office of the Executive Engineer-Roads Provincial B&R District Kharan ) 


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The Executve Engineer-Road Provincial B&R Distnct Gwadar invites sealed bids frorn bidders who can prove their eligibility and qualification, as mention in the bidding document for . for the work men. below. the estimated cost and other infamation of work as under percentage tender based on Cornposite Schedule of Rate 2018. Government of Balochistan amend. up to date from intersted contractors / firms for the works listed below under BPPRA Rules.

Tender Fee Rs.1500/, Earnest Money 2% in the shape of call depositand Time Limit 9 Months

Name of Work &
1. Construction rehabilitaion. Of B/T Road Babbar Shoor to  Prahag (1+100 km) PSDP 648 (TS165718E)

E/Cost: 10.888 M

The office of the Executive Engineer-I Provincial B&R Distnct Gwadar invents technical proposal of contractors / firms gong with sealed financial proposal. (Single Stage Two Envelope ) for above mentioned work . All interested bidders are required to submit their documents as per following briefs in support of their technical/financial proposal The Procurement shell be carried out in accordance with Balchistan Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Rule 2014. And Pakistan Engineer council by Laws.

Basic Eligibility The contractors must have registration i.e. 2018 alongwith submission PC 2018, receipt with PEC in required category in relevant disc*. specially code and registration. tax authority i.e. (NTN, Sales Tax Department and BRA Mondry Tax submission) where applicable. The bidder must compete similar nature assignment in the bdding document. keg.

Method of Procurement: Single Stage TWO Envelop Ricking procedure will adopted Bidding /

Tender Documents: issuance: The Bidders can obtain the bidding document frorn the address mention above on production of green challan from for an amount of S.No.1Rs:1500, each (Non-refundable) for each work deposited in the head of account CO2716 Civil work through Govemment Treasury/ National Bank of pakistan or can be downloaded from the website of BPPRA (www.bppra.gob.pk) . during working hour the date of publication of the invitation in newspaper till one day prior to the last date of submission . The contractor/ From who obtain bidding document by downloading them BPPRA website will also be required to procedure deposited Green challan form of above Mention Fee. The bids must be accomplished bid security “Technical bid” of each work in the form of call deposit and bank grant. of the amount specified above in the office name of under signed from a sheduled bank . No any Bank Draft & Banker check will be expectable.

Dead Line Of Submission: Technical and Financial proposals from intending Contractors/ Firms sealed in two separates emlopes clearly marked with work title& type of proposal must be deliver. by hand or though registered mail to the address mention bellow on the before 11″November 2019 at12:00 Hrs Opening: The envelope containing ‘Technical Bids” will be opened on the same If November 2019 at 1:00 Pm.

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