Online Test Started in SBKwu 2020

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Online Test Started. Click the link below to start the test

Click here to Attempt the Test

In case of any problem. please call on this number: 0819213348

Test will remain open till tomorrow 11:59 pm.

Please Read the following Instructions before attempting the test

1. Quiz will be based upon Multiple Choice Questions (MCQS)

2. Student from any department can attempt the test any time till 12 sept 11:59 pm (within 39 hours)

3. Please don’t wait for the 11th hour to attempt the test.

4. There are 50 questions and each question has fixed time of 60 seconds. So you have to press next button within 60 seconds otherwise next question will appear automatically after saving your choice.

5. Attempting quiz is unidirectional! means you can’t go back and change your choice.

6. Javascript should be enabled. Normally each browser has javascript enabled. You can use following link for help regarding enabling javascript:

7. If for any reason, you lose access to the internet, leave the page intact and when internet connects then refresh the page. Quiz will start from where you left.

8. If system shuts down due to power failure then you can attempt the quiz after 4 minutes.

9. You have to only type your Roll Number for attempting the test

10. If there appears a message that website could not be reached or whatever error may be due to internet disconnection then simply refresh the page after getting internet connection stable.

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