University of turbat – fee structure details


University of Turbat is the second General University in public sector, chartered by the Government of Balochistan vide Act 2012 passed by the Balochistan Provincial Assembly in May, 2012. The main objective of the establishment of the University of Turbat in the Mekran region in Balochistan is to provide better opportunities of higher education to the students of Turbat (Kech) and adjoining districts of Panjgur, Gwadar and Awaran. With the establishment of the University of Turbat, substantial number of students will be enrolled initially from different parts of province mainly from Mekran will have a direct effect on the social environment of the families of the students and indirectly to the society. With the introduction of market valued subjects, about 500 job opportunities annually would be created directly benefiting the social wellbeing of a segment of the population in the region.

Address:  Turbat, Kech, Balochistan

Phone: (0852) 414498

Number of students: 3,400

Founded: 2012

Chancellor: Governor of Balochistan, Pakistan


Bachelor / Undergraduate Courses by UOT, Turbat Fee Structure 2020

Degree – CourseDurationFee/Year
BS – Balochi Admission4 Years16000
BS – Biochemistry Admission4 Years24000
BS – Biotechnology Admission4 Years24000
BS – Botany Admission4 Years24000
BBA – Business Administration Admission4 Years18000
BS – Chemistry Admission4 Years24000
B.COM – Commerce Admission2 Years18000
BS – Computer Science Admission4 Years24000
BS – Economics Admission4 Years18000
ADE – Education Admission2 Years17800
BS – English Admission4 Years24000
BS – History Admission4 Years18000
LLB – Law Admission5 Years43520
BS – Political Science Admission4 Years18000
BS – Sociology Admission4 Years18000

Masters MA MSc Programs and courses by UOT, Turbat Fee Structure 2020

Degree – CourseDurationFee/Year
MA – Balochi Admission2 Years18000
M.Sc. – Chemistry Admission2 Years28000
M.Com. – Commerce Admission2 Years18000
MA – Economics Admission2 Years18000
MA – Education Admission2 Years18000
MA – English Admission2 Years18000
MA – Political Science Admission2 Years18000

MS MPhil Masters Courses by UOT, Turbat Fee Structure 2020 and Last Merit

Degree – CourseDurationFee/Year
M.Phil. – Balochi Admission2 Years32000
MS – Business Administration Admission2 Years69000
M.Phil. – Chemistry Admission2 Years58000

Contact details of university of turbat

  • +92-852-400529
  • [email protected]
  •  University of Turbat,University TownGinnah, M-8 Road Turbat,Balochistan, Pakistan

Affiliated Colleges

  •  Govt. Atta Shad Degree College, Turbat
  •  Govt. Girls Degree College, Turbat
  •  Govt. Girls Degree College, Panjgur
  •  Govt. Boys Degree College, Panjgur
  •  Govt. Boys Degree College, Gwadar

Campuses of UOT

Gwadar Campus – University of Turbat


The idea of establishment of a Sub Campus of Turbat University (UoT) in Gwadar was initiated by the Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sabir in 2015. A team of expert led by the VC, prepared and tabled the proposal of establishment of Gwadar Campus in Syndicate in its third meeting as item No.6 held on May 30, 2015 for approval. The expert team was comprised on Director IBLC and Dean Faculty of Arts and Social Science Dr. Abdul Saboor Baloch, Ex- PD of UoT Manzoor Ahmed Baloch, DF/Registrar Ghulam Farooq Baloch, Muhammad Hayat, Director Public Relation Ijaz Ahmed and chairpersons of various department. The Finance and Planning Committee also endorsed and approved the idea of establishment of Gwadar Campus in its fourth meeting as item No.5 held on June 29, 2015 held at Karachi.

After thorough discussion and approval of recommendation towards establishment of Gwadar Campus from different meetings and statuary bodies the proposal was presented in the UoT’s apex statuary body (the Senate) during its first meeting chaired by Ex-Governor Balochistan/ Chancellor PSUs Muhammad Khan Achakzai, held on March 30, 2016 at University Public Library Turbat.

In pursuance of principle approval by Ex- Governor Balochistan, the Higher Education Commission Pakistan issued a notification on July 4, 2016 to set up a Sub Campus of University of Turbat at CPEC central city Gwadar.

  1. Current building and departments in Gwadar campusThe university campus started its academic activities from January 2017 in a part of Govt. Boys Degree College building for interim period with four BS programs in the fields of Management Sciences, Computer Science, Education and Commerce. Besides a portion of College building for academic activities, two other buildings for hostels were also taken on rent.
  2. Enrollment and facultyThe first admissions in four BS Programs were announced on August 31, 2016 while applications for the position of Lecturer were invited on October 18, 2016. At present around 400 students are enrolled in the Campus. The number of regular faculty members is 15 while 17 teachers are providing services on part time basis.
  3. No Objection Certificate to Campus by HECThe HEC accorded formal recognition of the campus in September 2018. Here it’s worth mentioning that among all the university’s Sub Campuses of Balochistan, only Gwadar campus has been recognized by HEC so far.


  1. Academic and Admin Block.
  2. Male students and Faculty Hostel.
  3. Female students and Faculty hostel
  4. Guest House
  5. Seminar Hall.
  6. Cafeteria.
  7. 40 MB Internet and WiFi Service.
  8. Computer Lab with 35 latest Computer with internet connectivity.
  9. Central library with two thousands Books.
  10. Transport Facility.
  11. 30 KW generator for academic and Admin Block.
  12. 10 KW generator for Boys Hostel
  13. 5 KW generator for Girls Hostel.
  14. Need Based Scholarships for deserving students.
  15. Merit Based Scholarships.
  16. BEEF Scholarships
  17. Students Support Program (SSP) Scholarships
  18. Laptop Schemes.
  19. Exposure visit/Study Tour.
  20. Seminars/workshops/sports week/business Gala
  21. Training workshop for faculty members

Progress towards establishment of University of Gwadar

Here it is pertinent to mention that Government of Pakistan had decided to establish a University at Gwadar under CPEC and accordingly a project titled “Establishment of University of Gwadar” was included in Federal PSDP 2016-2017, and 2017-18. Then Prime Minister of Pakistan during his visit to Gwadar, formally inaugurated the project of University of Gwadar on 1st September 2016 as a part of project under CPEC. At the same time Federal Government/HEC asked VC Turbat University:

  1. To prepare Charter of University of Gwadar.
  2. To prepare PC-1 for Gwadar University.
  3. To ask local administration for allotment of state land for University of Gwadar.
  4. To establish UoT’s campus at Gwadar (as future university of Gwadar).

Charter of University of Gwadar

Meanwhile the HEC requested University of Turbat in July 2016 to prepare the Charter of the University of Gwadar. Accordingly the draft charter was prepared by UoT and submitted to HEC in March 2017. After betting the Charter by HEC and concerned forums, it was finally passed by the CM Jam Kamal led Balochistan Assembly on 3rd November, 2018, and the same was assented by the Governor Balochistan/Chancellor Public Sector Universities (PSUs). The bill was presented by the provincial minister Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Buledi. Governor Balochistan Honorable Justice (R) Amanullah Khan Yasinzai during meetings with VC UoT assured to take every possible steps for development of Gwadar Campus and establishment of University of Gwadar.

Earlier VC UoT Prof Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sabir along with Director Gwadar Campus Mr. Ijaz Ahmed, on 7th September 2018 has given a detailed briefing to the CM Balochistan regarding Gwadar University Project.

PC-1 /Feasibility Study of University of Gwadar (PC-II)

On the request of HEC, a PC-I was also prepared by University of Turbat at a cost of Rs. 5.727 (Billion) and submitted to HEC in the end of 2016. Meanwhile a meeting was held in HEC on 29th November 2016 in which it was decided that instead of PC-I, a PC-II should be prepared to conduct the academic feasibility of the University. Accordingly a PC-II was approved by the CDWP on April, 2017. Feasibility study completed and submitted to HEC in April 2018. The PC-1 will be prepared by HEC on the basis of the recommendations of feasibility study. According to feasibility study, the Gwadar University will be a residential university. The University is conceived to be a special purpose university which shall produce high quality human resource for CPEC.

Land for University of Gwadar

A piece of state land measuring 500 acres located in Mouza Shabi Tesil District Gwadar under khasra No.20, 21, had been allotted in favor of University of Gwadar in September, 2018. However the efforts are underway to acquire a piece of land for Gwadar University in education enclave earmarked in newly launched Gwadar master Plan.

Panjgur Campus – University of Turbat

The University of Turbat (UoT) in its endeavor to fulfill its charter obligation to disseminate knowledge and to ensure access to Higher Education to all students so that deserving students are not deprived access to quality education has decided to establish its campus at Panjgur, Balochistan.

As per the directives from the honorable Governor Balochistan Justice(R) Amanullah Khan Yasinzai and Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan Alyani, a preliminary survey of the area was conducted and the concept of establishing a Sub Campus in Panjgur was found to be feasible. A PC-1 has been prepared and submitted to the Government of Balochistan for approval. The University of Turbat also sent formal request to the Divisional and District administration for allocation of temporary building & allotment of land for the campus.

The University of Turbat in the leadership of the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sabir and with the dedicated faculty and admin staff continues its success stories. After establishing a Sub Campus at Gwadar in September 2016, the management of University of Turbat had decided to establish the 2nd Sub Campus of UoT at Panjgur in 2019, keeping in view the very fertile grounds for higher education in district Panjgur. The UoT management had also decided to start academic activities in Panjgur Campus from 15th March 2020 after fulfilling all legal formalities and pre-requisites. The advertisement to fill various academic and administrative positions was published in November 2019 in various daily newspapers.

As a matter of fact, on receipt of directives from the Governor’s Secretariat, the University of Turbat had carried out a detailed visit of District Panjgur on 1st December, 2018 and discussed the matter with all stakeholders as well as the authorities of District Administration. It was the collective opinion of all stakeholders that a Sub Campus of University of Turbat should be established in Panjgur as early as possible. The team also visited an un-utilized portion of Government Boys Degree College Panjgur, which was very suitable for the Sub Campus in the initial stage.

stablishment of the University of Turbat Sub Campus at Panjgur has been approved by the entire statutory bodies of the University of Turbat. The Academic Council of UoT in its meeting held on 7th February 2019 and Finance and Planning Committee of the University of Turbat in its meeting held on 14th February, 2019, Syndicate of the UoT in its meeting held on 4th March 2019 recommended the proposal of establishment of Panjgur campus. Finally during UoT’s 4th meeting of Senate held on 8th April, 2019, chaired by H.E Justice (R) Amanullah Khan Yasinzai Governor Balochistan/Chancellor UoT approved the proposal of establishment of a Sub Campus of University of Turbat at Panjgur.

Following objectives of Panjgur Campus are envisaged

  1. To provide an opportunity to the students of District Panjgur and adjoining districts / other areas for higher education.
  2. To introduce Programs which are aimed to meet the technological and academic requirements of the region.
  3. To provide more job opportunities to the youth of the area.
  4. To link higher education with industry and R & D institutions.

Academic Courses/Programs to be started in Panjgur Campus:

    1. B.S Botany ( 4 years 8 Semesters)
    2. B.S English ( 4 years 8 Semesters)
    3. B.S Computer Sciences ( 4 years 8 Semesters)
    4. B.Ed (Honors 4 years) ( 4 years 8 Semesters)
  2. New disciplines will be introduced as and when required by the University Administration. The M.Phil and Ph.D. Programs will be introduced in the campus after availability of qualified faculty.

The Campus, by meeting Technical and professional requirements of the region and other mega Projects being envisaged including CPEC, would generate a number of Social and economic activities, enhance sustainability of the area, promote national cohesiveness and integration and thus contribute in the overall socio-economic development of the area.

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